Drug addiction, depression and narco-terrorism

The future and progress of any country rests on the youth of the country. If the young generation of the country goes the wrong way, then surely their life goes into darkness. The youth of the country have a desire to live every aspect of life and explore it on their own terms. The youth consider drugs to be their pride or coolness quotient. The youth today are intoxicated by alcohol, gutkha, tobacco, bidi, cigarettes. Their celebrations & parties are incomplete without intoxication.

Now-a-days youth and many adults are also seen consuming cigarettes or alcohol. They do not understand that this can prove to be harmful and fatal for them later. Drug addiction has become a fashion for the youth.
“No smoking” is written on cigarette packets, but still due to the import of alcohol & cigarettes in India, crores of rupees are received. Smoking or drinking alcohol is harmful to health. Even the knowledgeable people do not falter from consuming it. Tobacco, khaini and gutkha can cause mouth cancer. Smoking is prohibited in many public places. But some interested people do not listen to anyone.

Drunkenness affects the person at mental, social and family levels. Some people come home after getting drunk and kill their wife. This is a disgusting crime. Due to intoxication, driving on the road can cause accidents. Drug addiction at a young age can lead to many difficulties in life. This leads to disturbance in the family.

The person with the drug addiction is financially strapped. Due to drug addiction, a person loots his financial wealth, gets intoxicated and acts on society and work place, which causes his honor to get hurt.
Drug addiction is an irony of Indian society. Low-income group of people often spend their daily work money drinking alcohol. If they use that money in their children’s education, then their future can be bright. Sadly, it never happens, for two moments of happiness and fun, a person loses everything. Young people and many other people get drowned in addiction when they are deceived in love affairs. Humanity in total has to bear its consequences.
Drunkenness begins while having fun and celebration with friends. Gradually, a human gets trapped in the dark trap of intoxication and eventually he never gets out of it. Due to intoxication a person forgets the difference between right and wrong and goes away from his family mentally and emotionally.

The Indian government has established several de-addiction centers to get relief from de-addiction. There are several types of de-addiction centers that treat people suffering from addiction. Many people have come to these de-addiction centers and have given up the addiction, which is quite a good thing. Doctors advise the patient to stay away from intoxication such as alcohol and cigarettes.

Role of Dera Sacha Sauda for drug free society
Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan, the third and present spiritual master of Dera Sacha Sauda, strongly opposes all intoxicants. He has been instrumental in campaigning extensively against drug addiction. Through the method of meditation, millions of people have been able to quit their deadly dependence on drugs. Guruji travels thousands of kilometers to act as a catalyst for transforming lives. Today, the number of people who have vowed never to partake intoxicants has exceeded 65 million and are growing. On one call by Guruji, people in thousands collectively pledge to kick the drug habit. Public bonfires of intoxicants are made. People are whole heartedly supporting the renaissance for a clean, drug free society. And it is the result of his magical & free method of meditation and inspiration that heaps of intoxicants like tobacco, hand-rolled Indian cigarette (also called bidis), cigarette, betel nuts etc are burnt publicly in spiritual congregations when people throw them away instantaneously when encouraged by Revered Guruji. Dera Sacha Sauda has come out to be known as a great drug-rehab and reform centre. All the members of the organization are also working along with Guruji in the mission to save the society from drugs.

Public awareness program like Quit Drug Abuse with meditation and selfless service, quitting drugs to save the country are being run by Dera Sacha Sauda time to time for this.

An Appeal by His Highness Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan is that drug abuse is a bad thing. Quit it. And those who want to give it up, come to the Ashram. Any kind of drug addiction you have, however dangerous, however old it may be, come and serve here in the ashram for 8 to 10 days and you will be able to give up your addiction without any discomfort. You will be provided residence and diet facilities free of cost. Medicines will also be provided free of cost if any need arises.

Drugs are an unholy weapon in the proxy war waged by terror outfits against the country. The youth are becoming physically unfit and unproductive because of drugs. When the children and youth are entrapped in intoxicants, the country will clearly spiral downwards. Also, it is well known that the trade in drugs is fuelling narco-terrorism. This is clearly a war that the whole world needs to win in order to defeat terrorism as well.

At last but not least we can say proudly that Dera Sacha Sauda playing a lead role for drug free society since last few years and the result also comes up for these types of campaigns. Millions of people say bye bye to different types of drugs and living a healthy drug free life and say thanks to Dr. MSG for this.
In future, we hope that Dera Sacha Sauda works in this field more rapidly with blessings of saint Dr. MSG.

Writing credits – Shafi Jindal

2 thoughts on “Drug addiction, depression and narco-terrorism

  1. #QuitDrugAbuse Millions of people inspiration of @GurmeetRamRahim singh ji insan, mass awareness rallies and seminars are also conducted by volunteers all over the nation and aware society about negative impacts of drug addictions.


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